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If you can’t beat ‘em ... try again.

How we work with Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and why

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by Shawn Gannon

75% of resumes are never read by a human.  

So why do I need a resume website?

The reality is that in today's marketplace, most Recruiters and HR departments utilize software that allows them to crawl hundreds of resumes and online profiles to find candidates best suited to the requirements of the position they are looking to fill. All are scored and only the top profile will actually ever get contacted. These are completed by strangers who don't know you as a person, only as a list of desirable keywords. The bots crawling these assets only seek keywords inputted. Your unique persona is inconsequential. You are merely a list of keywords/phrases. Cold, but true.

"What on earth is Real Life Resume doing making resume websites that don't seem to meet the real market challenge every job seeker is facing?" 

Boy am I glad you asked!

First, let's share knowledge. An Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS is a recruiter purchased, licensed, or open-source software that allows keywords/phrases to be found crawled by bots on resumes and online profiles (LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster, etc.) whether optimized for it or not. You are then scored against other profiles. You are most likely being crawled daily without ever knowing it. If your resume or online profile is optimized perhaps you are getting random recruiter out-reach. If yours are not optimized, you are being overlooked.

This keyword-reading software is primarily used by large enterprise organizations, but you can assume that mid-sized organizations may also be utilizing some type of the same technology.

Secondly, I mentioned that recruiters and HR personnel rarely know who you are. YOU. The person, the driven-professional, the model parent, and so on (or none of the above. lol.) Without that kind of nuance, you truly are just an eighth of a byte of data which is the smallest amount of data that can be stored on a modern computer. That hardly presents you as a unique individual.

Finally, competition is strong and The Force is (or seems) with them. How are you going to stand out in a crowd of absolute Mensa-certified, silky talking, superstars that have some innate ability to get themselves in the door for any interview they want! (Well maybe not every single interview, but a heck of a lot more than they deserve.) Or heck, maybe they just knew someone.

As the owner, my mission is to provide valuable, relevant tools to my clients who all have a nuanced career and even more unique life experiences. These tools and services we offer are meant to get you in the room to speak with the hiring manager. No more, no less.

The current US unemployment rate at 3.8% and companies are still having a difficult time hiring qualified candidates. The market is literally flooded with high-quality talent perfect for open positions. However, it is not uncommon that employers struggle with bringing these people to come work for them. Finding and hiring ideal job candidates has become an extremely hard, expensive and time-consuming process. As a job-seeker, you may not be feeling this as you search for a new opportunity, but that is the current state.

With that in mind, Real Life Resume has created a proven package of services dedicated to make you stand out so you can get your foot in the door at essentially any organization; and we also help you build an online reputation that will help employers find you!

Here is what we arm our clients with under our proprietary Umbrella Package?

  • Consultation and collaboration with employment experts
  • Development of a dynamic personal online brand
  • Increased search rankings on Google
  • Enhanced LinkedIn profile
  • 3 well-optimized versions of your resume (web, PDF, Word) that are:
    • ATS software approved
    • developed with responsive design to render perfectly across all devices and browsers
    • pixel perfect design to attract attention
    • clean, modern and, a direct way for you to share your career experience via email or simply over a networking conversation at a cocktail party (e.g. "Check out my site at if you'd like to take a quick look at my experience.")
    • hosted and customizable with ongoing services
  • and a unique way to express your personality and skills in an easily accessible way - besides my Mom, who can't access the internet?

The Real Life Resume team wants to give you the highest, most technologically advanced tools to get you that dream job. We won't be there in the room with you, but know that we have worked tirelessly to get you in that chair. The rest is up to you. Get online and make it rain!

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