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Tip #2 for getting a new job

Don't Ignore LinkedIn, obviously!

by Shawn Gannon

Obviously, I would say your #1 Tip in your job search is our Umbrella Package. If you are actively applying for job opportunities, the strategies we coach you on and the tools we build are invaluable, unique, and forward-thinking. But at Real Life Resume, our consultants take a holistic approach with our clients. That means we don't avoid important industry standards that should be considered in a robust job search. We know how important LinkedIn can be to anyone's career. In fact, having a strong profile may lead to receiving tips on job opportunities without you doing more than optimizing your profile.

Professor Heather Austin does a tremendous job listing 5 tactics we should all work on in our LinkedIn profiles:

  1. Change privacy settings
  2. Fully optimize your LinkedIn profile
  3. Understand the importance of your connections
  4. Use the "Jobs" feature
  5. How to follow up with hiring managers after each application

I would add that no matter how well you optimize all tactics included in your strategy, a job search shouldn't be thought of as automation in any way (i.e. set-it-and-forget-it). We like our clients to be vigilant with all these resources and to try to adhere to any position's qualifications by tweaking these channels for each important application you submit.

So take measured steps to keep things updated and keep it smart; but for goodness sake, follow the lesson of the quote below. Happy Hunting!

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. ~ Bruce Lee

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